Focusing on Mathematics

Quality teaching

The word 'quality' can be defined in general in relation to the question "What works in early childhood teaching for maximising children's learning outcomes?" Contributors to 'quality' include1 teaching that:

  • is focused on a child's learning
  • facilitates children's dialogue and independent work
  • considers dispositional differences
  • motivates and stimulates learning opportunities
  • is supported by the educator's willingness to gain personal knowledge of subject matter2.

So what does this mean for the teaching and learning of mathematics?

Teacher helping child make a picture.

1 Farquhar, S. (2003). Quality teaching early foundations: Best Evidence Synthesis iteration (BES). Wellington: Ministry of Education.
2 Hedges, H., & Cullen, J. (2005). Subject knowledge in early childhood curriculum and practices: beliefs and pedagogy. Contemporary Issues in Early Childhood, 6(1), 66-79.

Last updated: 4 February 2010